We specialize in repair & renewal of valves for every size, make and type.

We are experts in complete solution for any valve problem, and specialized in repair and overhauling of Manual Valves, Safety Valves, and Safety Relief valves. Control Valves, Motor Operated Valves. Pneumatic and Hydro testing Services.

We offer a wide range of services inclusive of soft parts replacement, repair, testing, and refurbishment. To ensure the quality of our services, we conform to the relevant engineering standards or to our clients’ own standards. We are proud to have built the know-how, skills, tools and resources to preserve valves for seaworthy transportation or for long-term in warehouse storaging. To ensure continuous quality of services rendered and to protect the valves and actuators from corrosion and contamination.

We are leading industrial valve repair services. We have Valves Repair Service Center and have expert Valves Technicians which repairs Industrial Valves like Ball Valves, Globe Valves, Gate Valves, Butterfly Valve, Non Return Valve, Needle Valve, Safety Valve, Relief Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Control Valves, etc. We provide complete valve repairing services for valves of Any Size, Age, Type, Make, Rating, MOC, Temp etc.

Our field service technicians have received basic and advanced safety training. We do valve repairing on-site or in shop with machining, welding, heat treatment, lapping and grinding of valve seats. We are installation of new valves and repairing, testing & maintenance services of damaged valves have best knowledge of valves Servicing and Repairing & All types of valves, actuators, and gearboxes. We undertake reconditioning for all types of valves either at our works or at customer’s site. We have a team of highly experienced technicians & engineers & they are capable to give you best result for your requirement

We have worked high level industrial projects of valves installation, servicing & repairing in all over. Reconditioning Valves is one of the strongholds of our business. We are specialists in the mechanical overhaul of control valves and the refurbishment of gate valves, safety valves and every other type of industrial valve you can think of.

For all varieties of valves:

Our Service Cover Activities for:

  • Plant Turnaround
  • Plant Emergency Shutdown/Breakdown
  • Annual Servicing Contract
  • In-Situ Valve Repairs
  • Removal and Installation of Valves
  • Fabrication of Spares by reverse Engineering technology
  • Testing and Certification of New Valves
  • Fabrication and supply of strainers

We provide professional valve repair to all the sectors:

  • Oil and Gas- Power plants
  • Chemical and Fertilizers
  • Sugar, Paper and Pulp
  • Food and process
  • Marine and Naval